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Hey geekers as a android user we all feel comfortable but to know it feels how it feels as iOS user I bought an iOS device and will be using iPhone as my primary device for 1 month and experiencing the difference between the android and iOS what is the difference which one is best and what all problems I face when I use it and when I shift from android to iOS it’s an update blog


Update MWC

Hey geekers it’s Ibrahim here so it’s being pretty long I’m here, but now I will be uploading blogs on time this is what I say every time, my apologies so I’m here with technical updates like MWC mobile world Congress which happened last month like every year many companies launched there phones like Samsung Launched its s9 and s9+ nokia launched 6 phones and many more it was great month together redmi has launched there redmi note 5 note 5 pro and redmi 5  which is quiet shocking because now redo has a line up from 5,000 INR to although way 40,000 rupees with 16 to 17 phones that is a quiet big line up so this is all update for the month further there will be a  blog on new arrived phones there reviews  stay tuned..


redmi 5A redmi 5 and redmi 5 prime

Hey people Redmi has launched there three phones , redmi 5A ,redmi 5 and redmi 5 prime redmi 5A is the succeder to redmi 4A and there isn’t a much difference between them it’s almost same,  redmi 5 and redmi 5 prime is succeeder to redmi 4 so now you have no physical capacitive buttons in redmi 5 and redmi 5 prime so screen size is redmi 5 , 5.5 inches and redmi 5 prime 5.9 inches , and now redmi 5 comes with snap dragon 450 chipset , and Redmi 5 prime with snap dragon 625 chipset this is all about China realise I will update about India realise Soon. 


The soc that is system on chipset is the whole processing unit for a smartphone like how Intel or amd processors for desktops we have certain companies who make processors firms like Samsung and apple make their own processors and other 90% of the firms use Qualcomm s Snapdragon or another firm mediatek this is because these two firms makes more stable socs so why do you need a soc in smart phone cause it’s an compact version of desktop to able to do all the works done desktop needs a cpu processor ram internal memory rom so this all a short introduction to what is an soc is

It’s again redmi?

Hey gekkers xiaomi has launched its two phones that’s mi Max 2 and redmi 5x which exact like redmi note 4 but dual camera setup why redmi so obsessed with Snapdragon 625 soc chipset that for three phones they are using the same chip and just for a dual camera in redmi 5x they are charging high price which is ridiculous some times redmi is to making to many mistakes

Xiaomi redmi 4 

Hey gekkers finally xiaomi redmi note 4 was realised in China in February 2017 as redmi 4 x and now its finally realised in India this is an bugget android phone with snap dragon 435 chipset which is decent chipset I say is realised with three varient 16 GB 2 GB ,32 GB 3 GB , 64 GB 4 GB priced at 6999 ,8999,10999 inr its a quite a great phone for price its on sales from 23rd in India and it comes with gold, rose gold and black its feature blog will come soon


galaxy-s8-s8-plus-together-6Hey gekkers its an initial impressions blog on samsung s8 and s8+ feature vlog of these phones will be updated soon samsung has launched their new flagship smart phones that is samsung s 8 and s 8+ these phones are sold in india for 57,000 indian rupees for s8 and 64,000 indian rupees for s8+ these phones comes with samsungs very own processor exynos 8885 in india and in other part of world with snap dragon 835 chipset it is the worlds first phone to come with iris sensor now the phone looks good but as always samsung has its own disadvantage as this phone has 3d screen technology that is fixing a 6.4 ich screen in 5.7 ich screen the finger print sensor has been pushed to back near camera which is a main poblem as finger frequently touches the camera that is the main disadvantage and the battery life its almost improved from s7 and s7 edge but still it needs to improve alot well that was my  initial impressions for s8 and s8+ hope you like it do follow me for more tech things like this


qualcomm-snapdragonhey gekkers as qualcomm has launched its new snapdragon processors that is 630 and 660 with 14 nano meter technology which makes processors more faster then their predecessors that is snapdragon 625 and snapdragon 652 so let us see what changes does it bring  in tech industry that s it for now guys hope you like it

Back again 

Hey gekkers I’m extremely sorry for my irregularity I was busy with my work but finally i have started again once again my apologizes guys so I will be regular from now 

New updates 

Hey gekkers I know I’m delayed I apologize for that so this is an update blog currently there are three phones which I’d lunched in market at 10,000 inr /148.05 usd  there are two phones that is lenovo k6 or kickass 6 and htc life style and there is an phone called  one plus 3t which successor to one plus 3 and jio sim internet has extended till march so have guys cya with a another beautiful blog