galaxy-s8-s8-plus-together-6Hey gekkers its an initial impressions blog on samsung s8 and s8+ feature vlog of these phones will be updated soon samsung has launched their new flagship smart phones that is samsung s 8 and s 8+ these phones are sold in india for 57,000 indian rupees for s8 and 64,000 indian rupees for s8+ these phones comes with samsungs very own processor exynos 8885 in india and in other part of world with snap dragon 835 chipset it is the worlds first phone to come with iris sensor now the phone looks good but as always samsung has its own disadvantage as this phone has 3d screen technology that is fixing a 6.4 ich screen in 5.7 ich screen the finger print sensor has been pushed to back near camera which is a main poblem as finger frequently touches the camera that is the main disadvantage and the battery life its almost improved from s7 and s7 edge but still it needs to improve alot well that was my  initial impressions for s8 and s8+ hope you like it do follow me for more tech things like this


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